Box Office Madness- (The Top Seven) Return of the King

Top Seven

1- The Martian– 15.7 million. The film has now grossed over 167 million domestically and 385 million worldwide.  This movie a beautiful film, I wouldn’t call it a masterpiece, but definitely among the better films I’ve seen in a long time.

2 Goosebumps 15.5 million. It lost the top spot to The Martian, but still held strong in second place.  The film is in its second week, but has already surpassed 50 million worldwide. Expect this one to make back its 58 million budget by week’s end.

3 Bridge of Spies 11.3 million. This drama directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Hanks may not be tearing up the box-office, but it has been steady throughout.  It has already gained back its 40 million dollar budget which is a good sign for the studio.

4 The Last Witchhunter didn’t open all that well. Grossing only 10.8 million on its opening weekend.  Facing plenty of negative feedback, and more films coming, it is looking like this film is going dissipate rather quickly.

5 Hotel Transylvania is still rolling in money with 8.8 million this past weekend. It also reached above 300 million worldwide. (All but ensuring a Hotel Transylvania 3 is a few years away.)

6- Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension only mustered 8 million on its opening weekend.  Hopefully the dismal numbers will ensure that this film truly is the last of the franchise (Until they decide to reboot it in 2020).

7 Steve Jobs– Apathy for the life of the Steve Jobs (Founder of Apple) seems to have set in. People are willing to sit in line for the newest update of the Iphone, but not sit for two hours watching the story of this man’s life and three pivotal areas.  The film made on 7.1 million and may struggle to reach its 30 million dollar budget.  (Please let’s not have a third Jobs film.)

About Andrew the Movie Guy 14

Andrew was born and raised in New England. Fell in love with movies at an early age thanks to Disney's Golden Age in the 1990's. Developed a respect for older films thanks to his grandfather. Now has viewed well over a 1,000 films from the very first films all the way to the present day. Andrew's favorite movies are numerous, but he counts The Princess Bride, Jaws, Arsenic and Old Lace, 12 Angry Men, The Empire Strikes Back, and The Lion King among his regular top five of all time.
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