Best and Worst Rated Films of January 2017

Best and Worst of January 2017 According to General Audiences

These do tend on fluctuating. This is more a snapshot of a particular time.

Best Films of 2017

1-Lost in London (2016) 8.0* 181 Ratings

2-The Red Turtle (2016)-7.6

3-Split (2016) 7.5

4-The Resurrection of Gavin Stone (2016)  7.2* 330 ratings

5-Sophie and the Rising Sun (2016) 7.1* 55 ratings

6-Detour (2016) 6.5* 826 ratings

7-Gold 6.5 * 951 ratings

8-Underworld: Blood Wars (2016)-6.4

9-Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2016) 6.3


Trespass Against Us (2016) 6.0



Worst Films of 2017

A Dog’s Purpose 3.6 (Being fair, this wasn’t going to be a good movie, but evidence of animal abuse has destroyed this film.)

1-The Bye Bye Man-3.8

2-Arsenal 4.0* 809 Ratings

3-The Comedian(2016) 4.8* 387 Ratings

4-Coin Heist 4.8* 898 ratings

5-Clinical 5.1

6-Nerdland (2016) 5.3* 172 ratings

7-100 Streets (2016) 5.4* 653 ratings

8-Lost in Florence 5.4* 70 ratings

9-Monster Trucks (2016) 5.5

10-xXx: Return of Xander Cage 5.6

The Book of Love (2016) 5.6* 684 ratings

Sleepless 5.6* 918 ratings

About Andrew the Movie Guy 14

Andrew was born and raised in New England. Fell in love with movies at an early age thanks to Disney's Golden Age in the 1990's. Developed a respect for older films thanks to his grandfather. Now has viewed well over a 1,000 films from the very first films all the way to the present day. Andrew's favorite movies are numerous, but he counts The Princess Bride, Jaws, Arsenic and Old Lace, 12 Angry Men, The Empire Strikes Back, and The Lion King among his regular top five of all time.
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